I’m a 29 year old geek.

I graduated in 2009 from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, where I studied Computer Science in English. So I’m basically an engineer!

I started working in design early on, in highschool, with the school yearbooks (2003 and 2004). My first paid job was in 2006, and with the money I got I bought a set of Pantone Color Books. After I graduated, I became a full-time graphic designer – freelancer, except for 1 year when i also worked part-time as a UI/UX and web designer, at Evozone Systems – and I’ve been pursuing this passion and making it my job ever since.

I live in Cluj but I travel as much as I can. I have a twin sister who practices Kyokushin karate with me (we both have black belts). I like reading, especially SF and fantasy (even took a Coursera course on the subject). I just finished Andy Wier’s The Martian – recommend!. I also enjoy watching TV series online – GOT is my favorite (of course I also read the books). I like to cook (and eat), I enjoy playing boardgames, and I’ve spent my last winter in Sevilla.